Grow any plant you want, any time you want. Here’s how it works.


Plug it in

Simply plug it in, plant your seeds and add water. We will handle the rest.


Get the app

Download our app and connect to wifi, we will optimize your grow in real time.


Hit grow and relax

Just hit the lets grow button and we will tell you when it is harvest time.


The Varuna One system is designed to empower anyone to grow any plant in any environment with as little effort as possible. That’s because our we packed all the knowledge and experience of a master gardener into our advanced AI. Just connect your device and Varuna will take care of all the work.


Fresh Fruits and VEGETABLES

Never settle for bruised limp vegetables again. Many of the varieties of fruits and vegetables sold in grocery stores are adapted for commercial farming. Even when you purchase organic vegetables, this breeding can compromise flavor. The taste and texture of a grocery store tomato cannot compare to one that is freshly picked from a plant grown yourself. Varuna allows you to obtain you superior flavor while also providing the security of knowing exactly how they were grown and what pesticides you did NOT have to put into them.


Year round Beautiful Flowers

Buying cut flowers is great. They liven up your house, they make us happy, they carry wonderful fragrances and all to often die shortly after purchase. This makes cut flowers a costly and repetitive cycle.

With Varuna growing flowers at home has never been easier. Varuna allows you to turn any room in your home into a lush garden filling your house with the fragrances of the most exotic flowers. Or simply focus on your favorites and reduce your spending by growing your year-round.


Medicinal Herbs

You pay a high price for clean, organic high quality cannabis. Unfortunately, that isn’t always what your get. Research shows that 84% of cannabis sold is contaminated to the point Steep hill labs says it “is not fit for consumption.” This is due to high amounts of pesticides and chemicals.

With Varuna you can take control of your source and grow your own perfect plant every time. This will allow you to save money and ensure quality like never before.